Intro to Diamond Saidas

Kiz Lab

Beginner 4

Diamond Saidas are a great shape awareness tool to become aware of the different shapes you can create in kizomba.

We typically when starting out get stuck in moving forwards and backwards with our basic 3s and saidas but this gives us a directional shape pattern to follow and add more shape variations to our dance in general.

It’s possible to run the diamond shape clockwise or counter-clockwise and keep in mind the full shape of the diamond does not have to be completed from start to finish. The diamond shape can be used as an entry and/or an exit to different partnerwork variations.

The leader and follower will work to become comfortable navigating in a 4 lane system on either side of the partnership.

Leaders will need to be mindful of where their chest is facing as well as where their toes and heels are facing to help create the shape of the diamond. The leader should be of the mindset to create the pathways of the diamond with their footwork versus having to steer the follower with their arms.

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