Release Date:
February 8, 2022

005: Stiffness Versus Stillness

There’s a HUGE misconception that I have come across too often in my travels teaching urbankiz in lots of cities around the world. 

It has happened too many times that I go to dance urbankiz with a follow and they brace themselves with tension in their frame and legs before I’ve even lead one step. 

It has happened too many times that I go to dance urbankiz with a lead and they are holding my frame with way too much energy! Can you be more gentle please? I promise I don’t need that much energy to understand where you’d like to lead me. Our skin is more than capable to pick up the slightest of feelings!

Why are we holding so much tension in our frames before anything has happened?

Why are so many follows so anxious about missing a lead or step that they are holding so much tension in their bodies?

Why are so many leads treating their follows like inanimate objects that don’t have eyes, or eyes, or a brain to catch patterns and/or the flow of the music?

I can be still with a relaxed body and I can be still with tension and stiffness in my body. I love dancing with with as relaxed body as I can so I can last longer on the dance floor!

Unnecessary tension can act like static interference between the intention given and how clearly the intention is understood. 

If followers are always having to brace themselves for a stiff lead, they will never get the opportunity to hone their sensitivity to lighter intentions! 

I truly believe it’s possible to achieve lots of urbankiz technique, precision, and ALL the syncopations and touch steps your heart desires without much tension or pushing and pulling. 

Something I’ve been more and more mindful for over the years to remember to BREATHE while I’m dancing! An intentional exhale can definitely help relax the body. 

During my privates, where we have more time to get into greater nuance, I love bringing awareness to a relaxed spine. The top of our spines connect to our shoulder blades which then extend out to our fingertips. The bottom of our spines connect to our hips which then extend out to our toes. I phrase I use a lot is “Exhale energy…” This is a cue to bring awareness to relax the frame and the hips and flow with smooth controlled manner.

Try it the next time you dance at a social or practice! I’ll make this topic a full blog later this month!

What has your experience been with stiffness versus stillness on the dance floor?

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