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Are you tired of being lost in your kiz growth?

One of the major frustrations I had when I first started learning kizomba and urban kiz was the lack of structure of different moves and concepts that were being taught. Having structure is crucial to being able to first understand what makes kizomba kizomba, and then figure out the steps I needed to take to actually make progress.

In retrospect, I realized that many of my frustrations came from the fact I was learning from talented dancers but not the necessarily the best teachers. A few things that frustrated me about the instruction I was getting was:

  1. instruction only based on the counts and nothing towards the nuances of lead and follow skills needed to execute the steps
  2. instructors who told the follows to just follow when they didn't have to knowledge to give value to the role of the follow
  3. instruction based on random sequences of steps and moves of varying skill levels that had no names to go with them

After years of blindly trying to figure out the things I needed to focus on, I realized what would have been awesome at the beginning of my kizomba journey would have been a comprehensive approach to teaching kizomba across different skill levels. In the academic world these approaches to teaching different subjects are called pedagogies. And you are in luck, because as a member with Learntokiz, you will have access to videos based on my on going experience to minimize feeling lost or unsure of what to improve and learn next.

I have the solution to provide structure to your growth.

Our videos inside Learntokiz are based around 8 core modules.

  1. Moves
  2. History
  3. Kiz Lab
  4. Musicality
  1. Lead & Follow Concepts
  2. Mindset
  3. Body Movement
  4. Drills

Why should you learn from me in the first place?

Since May 14, 2014 when I got let go from my IT job, I've done a lot as a danceprenuer in the kiz scene that have given me invaluable experience and insights. My main source of income has come through teaching, I've been blessed to be able to travel about 30 - 40 weekends on average every year to teach at weekenders, festivals, congresses, workshops, focus groups, intensives and more in almost every province in Canada, throughout the US, Mexico and also several times in Europe. To my knowledge, I am the first full time kizomba instructor in the United States.

Over the years of trying to spread kizomba, I've also become decent at DJing which gives me a unique perspective on understanding music and teaching musicality.

I also organize the largest urban kiz festival in the western hemisphere, the Neo Kizomba Festival, where we have hosted 500+ attendees in 2018 and 2019. At our 2019 event I brought the first 3 level (novice, intermediate, and all-star) Jack and Jill competition to the urban kiz genre. I also have organized the North American division of kizomba competition known as the Olympiads.

I also host the The WhereCanWeDance Podcast where I have interviewed mostly kizomba instructors and their journeys.

So when I say I have a ton of kiz experience for kizomba and urban from many different perspectives, it is not an understatement. =)

With my 100% Money Back Guarantee, you don't have to worry about anything.

When you join Learntokiz you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I'm confident that you'll find Learntokiz useful, and I won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then I'll refund you without any fuss.

Monthly Plan

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Access to all videos across all 8 modules!
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Annual Plan

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Coaching plan

$600 / 3 months
12 - 1 hour weekly sessions over 3 months
1 Year L2K subscription included
Personalized training and homework tracker in Notion
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I'm ready to level up

Still not sure if Learntokiz will be a good fit for you?

Take a look at the testimonials below from a small fraction of the students I've had the honor and pleasure of teaching across the world!


Charles is truly a world-renowned instructor! He masterfully breaks concepts down using a variety of strategies, tools, and techniques. His approach is genuine and personable, leaving all participants with a memorable experience and valuable content. From first time hobbyists to advanced dancers, Charles is guaranteed to level up your practice.

Kate Meier

Charles is a master at teaching. I started taking privates with him a couple of years ago and I left every session we had with new techniques to work on, areas to practice in my own dancing, and feeling like I just moved up a level in my dancing by the time I would get to the social at night. He starts from the foundation up, so from beginner to more advanced, he will provide you with the insight to help you move forward—all with dedicated attention and a charming smile.

Erica Denton

Charles is an amazing teacher! He has this great ability to notice all the details of his student’s body mechanics.  You can feel that he is trying to demonstrate things in the best possible way for the most optimal positive experience. attention and energy. Through this he creates a beautiful space of receptivity for his students.  How awesome is that! Hands down Charles is gifted at teaching, you can absolutely tell it is his passion! Taking private lessons with Charles is always worth my time and money. Each private lesson that I have taken has been uniquely crafted to fit my need at the time. I appreciate him deeply!

Keya Bhagirath

Charles is a fun teacher who manages to explain stuff very well. I really responded to his style of teaching and learned a lot in today's workshops with him. He is also passionate and a great communicator. I like the blend of serious & humor, technique & feeling and his focus on connection. Charles also establishes a dialog with the group... he asks a lot of questions and he loves answering any question we ask him!

Stephane Picard

Really had a great weekend learning Kizomba with Charles. For a while I wasn't interested in learning Kizomba, but Charles' really broke it down for me and opened up my eyes to how fun it truly is. He really dove down into the technique and gave us tools to, not just to memorize patterns, but building blocks so that we can be creative on the dance floor. And on top of that, he's passionate about the dance, and he and his partner were really fun and down to earth too. Thanks again Charles!

Martice Campbell

Your mastering of techniques and concepts and use of analogies is second to no one. Great idea to let people know that we are going to repeat the skill 10 times in a row for the lead saida but also would have been fair to give the follows the same number of opportunities and even better if you have them do it together.

I like that you have people connected to the music fast. Dancing is about the sounds. We really appreciated the time you took to social dance. Best way to find the common level of the group and it gives you a good starting point for what you need to teach.

Leo Liendo

Charles' passion and kindness is infectious and his dedication to his dance, to his students, and to becoming an all around better person is inspiring, to say the least. He is as talented as he is patient and nurturing and if you want to experience a life changing spiritual connection with dance and your fellow human beings, there is no better option than kizomba with Charles.

When it comes to knowledge, talent, personalized instruction, pure love and positive energy, there is no better option that this beautiful soul.

Nikki Kleronomos

Charles Ogar, is the best urban kizomba instructor I have found yet, he goes into such detail on fundamental techniques and explains them in multiple relatable, easy to understand ways, every workshop of his I have attended has new information and different approaches. His passion for life and dance inspires and touches so many hearts, he is the type of instructor I aspire to be, I hope everyone has a chance to learn from him at some point in their dancing journey. Walking away from this workshop reminds me that I still have lots to learn.

Audrie Bryne

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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Is all of the content available to me or only have access to my skill level?

You get access to everything already inside Learntokiz straight away! No waiting for content to be released to you, just jump in and start making use of the training straight away. We regularly update and add new material too - so your content library will continue growing.

What skill level should I be to become a member?

This site for is all levels, we are creating content for beginners, improvers, intermediate, and advanced dancers across the 8 modules of history, musicality, body movement, drills, lead & follow concepts, moves, mindset, and kiz lab. So there will be plenty of content for you to digest!

Is there a long term commitment to become a member?

No, when you become a member there is no contract signed, your membership can be cancelled at any time from your account profile.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously we'd love it if all of our members stuck around to grow with us until they reach a master level - but we've worked with membership sites for long enough to know that that's never going to happen! So, if you do decide to cancel obviously we'll be very sad, but if you're intent on leaving then you'll be able to do by simply filling out any of our contact forms.

Can I still access videos after I cancel my membership?

No. Your membership entitles you to enter the members area and access the content there released prior and during the duration of your membership. If you cancel or do not renew your membership you will no longer be able to access the content inside Learntokiz.