Shuffle Step Fundamentals


Beginner 2

In this video, we will go through the fundamentals of the shuffle step.

The shuffle step is an important basic step as it helps create a circular flow in the dance and also help glue together the basic 3 and/or saida variations.

The first variation to keep things simple is a linear path using basic 3 and the shuffle step to turn 180 degrees into the other side of the line.

The shuffle starts on the fourth step which is the first step coming back from the basic 3 and beginning to open the line for the follow to begin to travel in a syncopated timing to the follow's right side. The shuffle happens on counts "6 & 7", the energy the rotation can vary from a linear shuffle to as wide as 270 degrees of rotation. It is important that the leader is aware that the follower is traveling around them in the path of the circumference around the lead.

The second variation is taking quarter from the left and then starting the shuffle step on the second step which is the leader's right foot shifting weight backwards.

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Key Takeaways

  • Practice the shuffle step linearly to practice but then try to make it more circular and not as angular.
  • The shuffle is not lead with the frame or arms, if the follow is following the leader's body they should be able to receive all of the information needed to do this step.
  • The shuffle step can occur under the leaders chin, it doesn't have to be a huge step.
  • The leader should use the last step of the shuffle step to realign with the follow into the their desired direction.

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