Basic 1 Fundamentals


Beginner 1

Here we will go into the layers of awareness you want to achieve with your basic one.

Kizomba is walking dance and basic 1 helps up become aware of our weight transfer in place.

Our bodies are anatomically stacked on top of our heels in a L fashion.

When we release the weight from one leg our knee will bend in combination with one side of our hip or pelvis also lowering towards the floor.

Be sure to keep our posture straight as to not tilt our spine to the left or right.

The hips should not tilt to the side or to the front towards your partner, if there's styling the hips are able to tilt to the back for small waves.

As we push to replace the weight back into the bent leg, be sure to push from the heels to have a good connection with the floor until the leg is straight naturally without locking the knees.

Push should be smooth, controlled, and even according to the tempo that you are dancing.

Once the hips and knees are realigned with one another we can start the process again on the opposite side.

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Key Takeaways

  • Be sure to push from your heels.
  • Don't bend both knees at the same time.
  • Keep the upper body straight, no bending from side to side.
  • Think of honey covered butt pistons for smooth, controlled, and even weight transfer.

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